[Our Team]  [Our clients] [Mission] [Contact]    Executive coaching is focused on managers and executives and is aimed at themes that are typical for these positions: Leadership: developing and carrying out a vision Management: optimizing the performance of team members Personal organization: holding an optimal work-life balance Neutral and discrete approach:   Coaching of executives requires a specific approach. 'Being lonely at the top' is not a free statement. As executive you need a neutral sparring partner. Someone with whom you can share your doubts and uncertainties in a safe environment and that can challenge you. Discretion is king! That's why we avoid to do executive coaching in the office environment. An executive coaching starts with in-depth listening to your needs and goals. Together with you coach you will explore what elements are blocking you to achieve these goals. The coach is confrontational, holds a mirror. He will challenge you to leave your comfort zone and to take risks. And this in a way that fits with your personality and that allows you to develop yourself in the most optimal way. Results: The results of executive coaching are sustainable for yourself as well as for your company: You discover new possibilities to solve the current and future problems You get more impact on yourself and on the way you influence your environment as a leader You realize growth at personal and at company level. HR GROWTH INDIVIDUAL GROWTH TEAM GROWTH ORGANIZATIONAL GROWTH [SERVICES] Competency coaching Personal coaching Executive coaching Career coaching ENG NL