[Our Team]  [Our clients] [Mission] [Contact]    Competency coaching is focused on the development of your skills and competencies. Mastering new skills is not an easy thing. Probably you followed already a training where you've got the necessary theoretical background. However, you still face difficulties to put your knowledge into practice. To make this alive and real, it's not about knowledge only. Often you also have to deal with old habits, your normal way of thinking, resistance, … Typical examples of these skills and competencies are: Becoming more assertive Communicating better Organizing yourself in a better way Approach: During an intake meeting with you, your manager or your HR manager, we will define together what competencies you want to develop. Based on your needs and your development phase, we will work out a coaching plan that will be an important part of your personal development plan. During the different sessions, we work systematically together until the new competencies are acquired. To develop 2 to 3 competencies, you can count on 5 to 10 sessions that take 2 hours. We do this journey based on your availability, but a frequency of 4 weeks is preferable. Results: Professional coaching results in the truly and deeply acquiring of new competencies: You get rid of old habits You overcome fear and resistance for new challenges You get a better insight in yourself: your limiting beliefs, your potential and your own development process You apply in a natural, 'unconscious competent' way the new competency. HR GROWTH INDIVIDUAL GROWTH TEAM GROWTH ORGANIZATIONAL GROWTH [SERVICES] Competency coaching Personal coaching Executive coaching Career coaching ENG NL